About the Wilfair Series

A (possibly) magical motel, a (potentially) haunted hotel, and the young (and infatuated) competitors running each are at the heart of Wilfair.

Hotel heiress Fair Finley is a week shy of her twentieth birthday, eats frosting for breakfast, and dresses like long-gone film goddesses. She isn't yet the seasoned leader her hotel magnate parents want her to be, due to the fact she's prone to pleasing people who often don't deserve to be pleased.

Fair's first problem? She inherited The Wilfair Hotel long before she was ready to oversee it. But her major headache? The famous Los Angeles landmark she owns famously lacks a swimming pool. The motel next door has one, but the handsome cousins who own the property won't let the young executive steal it; they're rather fond of Fair, she thinks, maybe, possibly, sort of, and she's a little mad at, and mad about, them. And stealing 24,500 gallons of water from someone you like is complicated, messy, and nearly impossible.

Further flying up Fair’s ointment? A hotel ghost that suddenly isn’t acting like itself, friendly movie stars with memorable forearms, and physical places showing up where they shouldn’t be.

The title is inspired by a real Los Angeles intersection. Here's a map.


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