Gomery and Monty: Real?

I love this tweet asking if Gomery and Monty Overbove are real (actually, it reads "Please tell me Montgomery 1 and/or 2 are real!")

Sarah, smiles. Seriously.

Various incarnations of Monty frequent The Grove. The outdoor shopping center has 1) dancing waters 2) celebrity sightings and 3) the biggest Christmas tree in Los Angeles. The Grove is also a few blocks north of Wilshire and Fairfax. Coincidence?

Monty-type guys walk fast and sport dark hair and untucked shirttails. I suspect a lot of The Grove-based Montys are actors, because they're all dreamboaty and have a delightfully driven air.

I've never seen Gomery. There are a couple of musicians I listen to who could be in Gomery's family tree, appearance-wise, but the man himself? Not yet. Eyes peeled.

I saw Sutton's doppelganger working in the San Francisco's Ferry Building last summer. She sang along to Radiohead's "High and Dry" and flirted with customers. Wilfair had been out a few weeks and I wanted to give her a copy, but, like. That would have been weird. Right? Yeah.

And Fair? The moment I spy a snood and evening gloves out of the corner of my eye I'll report back here.

Anyway. Sarah. You asked after Montgomery #1 and Montgomery #2. Monty is at The Grove, smiling at the ladies. And let's say for now that Gomery's walking down Wilshire, toward the museum, hands in corduroy pockets, thinking about theorems and if he'll possibly get a glance of Fair through the citrus topiaries today.


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