What's in a Name: Montgomery

There are two characters in the Wilfair series with the name Montgomery. (They also share the same last name, too: Overbove.)

Montgomery is quite a name. And after languishing for years, it is set to make a 2012 baby name comeback. Hooray! Send that one back up the charts, new parents.

When I chose Montgomery for my two male leads, I weighed a few things.

One, I wanted a name that was warm, masculine, and boasted lots of old-time Hollywood glamour (think Montgomery Clift).

Two, I wanted to pay homage to one of my favorite writers, Lucy Maud Montgomery.

Three. I'm sweet on San Francisco and wanted some Bay Area love in the books. Helloooo, Montgomery Street. The major throughfare will make a cameo in The Oppositery. That book is a few years away but I'm already daydreaming about the happy high jinks Fair and her next-door enemies can get up to around the Bay Area.

And four? I needed a name that could produce two good nicknames (I'm not a huge fan of cutesy pet names, but a sweet and sophisticated nickname is another story). Monty and Gomery both held a certain allure. Both shorter names kept the manly and noble qualities of the longer name, which is rare for a nickname.


I also liked that Montgomery has "mountain" within its meaning. Not to go too deep. But Redwoodian is set in the mountains. And I'm a mountain gal at heart.

In short, hooray Montgomery! New parents, I highly recommend this name. I've been living with it for a few years now and it still has oodles of swoon, dignity, and class for me. It's a keeper.


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