The Real Places of Wilfair

I like stories flush with magic realism. But I also like them to be set in places I can visit, if possible.

Just my thing.

With that in mind, Wilfair, Redwoodian, and future books will all incorporate at least one or two real California locales.

They are, so far:

La Brea Tar Pits (a tar bubble figures prominently in the story)
Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Fair, Monty, and Gomery pay a quick visit)
Original Farmers Market (Sutton's fruitcher shop)

Oh, and let us not forget Wilshire and Fairfax. It's a real Los Angeles intersection that's within walking distance of the aforementioned places.

Owens Valley (it's along Highway 395 near the eastern Sierra)
Alabama Hills near Lone Pine (where the gang stops for coffee)
Sierra Nevada (The Redwoodian and the Stay Awhile Cabins would be in the Mammoth Lakes area)


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