Stealing a Swimming Pool Is Hard

It's easy to pocket a lot of stuff in this world. Jewelry? Paintings? Cars, even? Traditional thievery has been covered in many a great movie and book.

But an entire swimming pool? Harder to take in the dead of night. Even harder when the people you're taking it from know your plan.

I wanted The Wilfair Hotel to pinch something important from its smaller neighbor the Motel Fairwil. And I wanted the article in question to be something that isn't traditionally stolen.

The thing with a pool is, even if it is stolen, it has to remain exactly where it has always been.

That intrigued me, a stolen thing that can't be moved. Things that are taken but stay in place is one Wilfair theme.

And whether the pool is being taken, given, stolen, or borrowed may be open to interpretation. Fair Finley, the series lead, calls it stealing. And she's the thief.


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