Wilfair Secret #1

Monty and Gomery were Tommy and Thom, respectively, for the first third of Wilfair.

The names worked -- and I'm wild about the name Thomas -- but they weren't exactly what I needed. I kept my thoughts soft and went looking for something a bit more old-school Hollywood.

"Monty" rhymes with jaunty. I liked that. And I liked that the first two letters in Gomery's name form the word go. "Go" has a lot to do with the travel setting of the books.

Also, I wanted a natural nickname to be inside the name. Monty seemed like a nickname-giver to me; Gomery does not. Hence Monty calling Gomery "Mer" on occasion. The cousins have a lot of affection for each other.

Also, "F" and "G" are alphabet neighbors. Fair and Gomery are building neighbors.

There are two more secrets to do with the cousins' names; I'll share them soon. But, for now, here are a few more reasons I chose Montgomery.

Yep, it's true; I do obsess over names. I also obsess over light, colors, and where characters are standing or sitting in relation to each other in any given moment.

Wilfair secrets #2, #3, and #4, I suppose. More on those later.


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