Bess Bieluczyk Photography

I got the nicest note about the books from a reader named Bess a couple of weeks back. I wrote her back right away and that's when I discovered her amazing photography.

Her photos, for me, encapsulate the little mysteries of our everyday world; each one is a story and a few possess these strangely poignant elements (picture a cast-off lighter and burnt candle sitting on a plate of half-eaten birthday cake).

I asked Bess if I could post one of her photos here and she kindly said yes. I chose the one below, for many reasons, but principally these two: We've all got a pile of pins we're waiting to stick in our own personal globe. And number two? The glass of ice water. I know I need one when I think about my next trip.

See more beautiful things at Bess Bieluczyk Photography.


Pins and a Map 


bess said...

Aw shucks, thanks for the mention!

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