Hey You Guys! Thanks!

So thank you for liking my Facebook page! I'll post there a few times a week but I swear I won't weigh down your feeds.

I'm so appreciative of the lovely feedback and support. When I wrote the first two books I was just writing on my own, but as I hunker down inside this third one I'm very much writing for the fantastic people I've heard from. It was Steinbeck's great advice -- write only for a single reader -- so I'm taking it and writing for a few. (Okay, so I'm mostly taking his advice.)

If there's anything you particularly liked about Wilfair and Redwoodian, and want to see more of, let me know. Or less. You know I'm easy-breezy on the feedback.

Also, I'm going to have a haiku contest in the next week or two, so watch this space.

Thanks, nice people!


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