Ten Things

I like mystery but not obscurification. I hate even typing that word. Who doesn't?

So here are a few things to know about the Wilfair books.

1. They're often called quirky. This isn't the first label I'd apply to the books but lots of people do. That is a-ok by me and a nice compliment. I'm actually a rather practical person who isn't given to quirky in my daily life -- at least I don't think. I like for all the ones in my wallet to face in a single direction, is what I'm saying. (Though I did carry a lunchbox as a purse for a bit. Quirky?)

2. The books form a continuing storyline. Each book will have a rise and fall, as books should, but questions will remain and larger arcs will continue. I'll eventually wrap up. There are 11 hotels and motels mentioned, and I'd love to write something for each. I may, however, tie things up much sooner, if it feels right. I also might write later novellas, if people would like, to check in with Fair and Co. I enjoy writing about these characters very much.

3. The books are talky. Certainly Redwoodian is, and the next book, Stay Awhile, is looking to be its equal. When I first wrote Wilfair I curbed my dialogue-y tendencies (although it is still pretty dialogue-heavy) because I tried to think about what a traditional book looked like. But I freakin' flip over how people communicate and what they're saying and what they're not saying. It's my sweet spot, and since I'm writing this series out of love, it is my intention to never stray too far from it. (There's my advice, regardless of pursuit: Never stray too far from your sweet spot.)

4. The books are short. Well. Sort of. Wilfair and Redwoodian clock in around mid-60k for word count; I'm hoping to keep future book(s) at about the same length. Or shorter, even. That length feels right for these stories. (Early May update: Halfway through writing Stay Awhile and a bulk of the ending is written, meaning I'm basically tackling the third fourth now. It is looking like it might end up in the 70s, not the 60s, so what I typed here earlier, about wanting to stay in the 60s, is kind of null and void. I'm hoping to keep it to the 70s, in fact. It has to end in a particular spot. Anywho. Stopping talking now.) (Early December update: Stay Awhile is longer than that!)

5. The ebooks will always be affordable. "Affordable" means different things to different people, of course. Right now the first two books are $1.99. I may raise the price down the road, but not by much. Print versions would be more, of course, just due to the materials. But I personally adore affordable and hope you do, too. I bet we have that in common.

6. I love talking to readers. Feel free to ping me, whether you liked the books or you want to know when Fair's going to grow up. (I worry about Fair growing up, too, but she's getting there.)

7. I'm working on putting the books into print. I'm going through Wilfair now on a typo and minor tweak search in advance of its second edition. I'm hoping print versions can happen in 2013. I also might stick the first chapter of Redwoodian at the end of Wilfair as a preview. Good idea? Let me know.

8. The swearing is light. What constitutes "really bad words" is up to the ear of the beholder. I'm modelling the books on what I like. While I speak freely and sometimes colorfully with friends and in private, I'm not a huge fan of swearing near strangers. Old-fashioned? Maybe. Still, there are a few "craps" and "hells" now and then. The characters (mostly) comport themselves in a courteous fashion. Not Sutton, so much. She says what she likes.

9. The romance is light. So far. The characters involved tell me they have other plans.

10. I can't stand when an author pretends her characters are in the driver's seat. And yet I just did. Fair and Gomery have been driving the first third of Stay Awhile. And I can't seem to wrestle the steering wheel away.


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