The Miracle Mile

That's the real nickname for The Wilfair's neighborhood.

It comes from the way-back era when the area near Wilshire and Fairfax served as LA's frou-frou shopping destination. I didn't set the stories on The Miracle Mile because of the nickname -- here's why I chose that corner. But do I love the catchy name and its obvious mystique? I do.


Carly said...

I've lived in Southern California my whole life and only been to L.A. once (that I can remember). Maybe this summer I'll do a Wilfair tour and visit all the real places mentioned in the books.

This is not an excuse to ogle guys that I think might resemble Monty, who I think I mentioned has joined my roster of fictional boyfriends.

Wilfair Book said...

Oh wow. If you visit LA this summer let's meet at Farmers Market (where Sutton works) for a delicious tangy limeade. It's on me! Wilshire and Fairfax is just a few blocks south and totally walkable. Sorry, is this too eager? Showing off this particular area is like my favorite thing in the world.

And thank you for loving Monty.

Carly said...

Nope, not too eager - I would love that! We'll definitely have to work out a limeade date. Especially because aside from the fun-times of that plan it will probably be hot as holy heck, so some kind of citrus beverage will be mandatory!

Wilfair Book said...

This is so happening, Carly.

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