Reading Dialogue Aloud

Years ago I was the happy assistant to two TV writers known for their elaborate, punchy dialogue. Let's give it up for them: Ron Osborn and Jeff Reno! Nicest guys. Definitely check out Ron's awesome screenwriting site.

(And can I brag? They wrote for "Moonlighting." Talk about zippy guy-girl flirt talk. LOVE.)

I saw the importance of flow when two or three characters chatted. Jeff and Ron never permitted a wasted word to sneak its way in, and I try to follow their example in my own writing.

So, with Ron and Jeff as my inspiration, I read every bit of Wilfair dialogue aloud. I choose every "like" and "um" with care. (Yep, Fair Finley, Wilfair's leading lady, relies on both of those words a bit too much; she's working on that habit, swear.)

Every exchange should aim to be crisp and snappy and, more than anything, alive.

Thank you, Reno and Osborn! You guys are swell.


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