Oh, the pains and gifts of turning 20.

I think it trumps most other ages in the significant ages department (including turning 21). I'll write more on why I believe that in the days to come.

But, for now, here are the main characters' ages:

Fair Finley: 19 (She'll be 20 in a week.)
Sutton Von Hunt: 18 1/2 (She has a springtime birthday.)
Monty Overbove: 20 (He'll be 21 in about two months' time.)
Gomery Overbove: 20 (He'll be 21 in about two months' time.)
Prior Yates: 24 (I think he has a fall birthday, so he's very recently 24.)

Not revealing quuuite yet whether Monty or Gomery is the older cousin, but their birthdays are close together. I wouldn't be surprised if they shared birthday parties as kids. Their wintertime birthdays meant pool parties were likely out, although I believe Monty usually made it into the pool at some point between cake-eating and present-opening.

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