Being Present

Yep. I like my phone. A whole lot. But when I got to thinking about the WILFAIR books and who the character of Gomery Overbove might be I alighted upon his first quirk: He'd always keep his phone firmly in pocket when Fair or his friends were around.

Cheers to artist Dan Piraro. I see this one circulating bunches.


bess said...

I should carry this comic around with me and silently hand it out to people who are guilty of this. It reminds me of going to a wedding and while mingling andchatting, looked around and saw my mom's, my sister's and my significant others all hunched around a table each absorbed in his smartphone.

I do love this quality of Gomery's, of being undistractedly present in the moment. What does any girl really want more than someone really, truly listening to what she has to say? There's something irresistable about that.

Carly said...

I definitely agree with Bess! There's nothing wrong with electronic communication. I love texting, email, commenting on people's blogs (wink, wink), but if you have made time to spend with someone - friend, significant other - then they should be the focus. They shouldn't feel like they are competing for your attention.

Wilfair Book said...

Ladies, what would I do without you? I love your electronic weigh-ins here on the WILFAIR blog. But, yes, there's a time for looking at screens and there's a time for being engaged with others, for sure.

I don't want to imply that Gomery is not tech savvy. He just prefers to communicate via windows. And the occasional single-word text. And in other ways involving things not typically employed in standard communication.

Fingers, don't type anything else. I forbid you. :)

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