Did You Feel It?

Los Angeles, home to the fictional Wilfair Hotel, had a real earthquake last night.

It was a 4.0 jolt just off the coast (there are wave earthquakes and jolt earthquakes; I prefer, and probably most people do, the waves, which are less jarring though still strange).

The thing that interests me most following an earthquake is the U.S. Geological Survey's "Did You Feel It?" site. You can click on a map and say where you are in the city and if you felt the quake.

Did you feel it. 

Those words stick in my head. I think people are longing to share their experiences, any experiences, and we rarely have anyone ask.

True, this particular question pertains to a major tectonic shift, but everyone is constantly experiencing little tectonic shifts in their lives. Too bad there's no "Did You Feel It?" site where people can talk about how a break-up felt or how it feels to be back in touch with a friend they hadn't heard from.

My goal for Fair Finley and the WILFAIR people is that they always feel it, whatever "it" might be. And I'm hoping Fair's earthquakes will be all be waves and not jolts. Though the jolts really can't be avoided.


Erika said...

Sooooo... Did you feel it?


Wilfair Book said...

Ha ha! I did. It woke me up with a start. Did you feel it down your way?

Carly said...

I'm sad. I didn't feel it :(

Erika said...

I did not. I didn't even hear about it until this blog informed me. :( must watch more news

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