Hi, Erika!

Oh, how I like to give a howdy and a welcome to readers who drop me a line or comment over on Facebook. And on a Monday? Even better, because cheerful things are nice on a Monday.

Erika very recently gave me some great food for thought in a comment section, so she is today's blog star.

And speaking of food? She recommended this cake place in San Diego which I now must visit. They make an Earl Grey Shortbread. Say what? Please. That sounds scrumptious.

Also, a possible new Finley hotel, located not far from San Diego, is hinted at in REDWOODIAN. So I'll have to make a day trip around the area for research, right? Fueled by delicious Earl Grey Shortbread? I think that's a plan.

Anywho, thanks, Erika, for the note, the comments, and your WILFAIR support! Much appreciated.

PS I meant to add this as your welcome photo since we got to talking about delicious sweets. These are homemade caramel marshmallows and I want to eat one on the hour, every hour, for the rest of my life. They're made fresh daily at Farmers Market, where Sutton Von Hunt works in the books.


Erika said...

Super flattered by this. :D ha!

Yes, earl grey shortbread cookies! They have flower petals all I've the place to decorate thie fantastic desserts. It's a magical place and I think further investigation of San Diego is necissary!

Erika said...

And my phone ate the words. All over the place* and their*

Wilfair Book said...

Awesomeness! I'm so checking this place out. Always thankful for a cake-based tip. And thanks again for the comments and support!

Oh, PS -- I know SD is not too close to LA, but I'll be leading a walking tour of the real places in WILFAIR later this year (or maybe next). It's waaay down the road but I'm letting my California-based peeps know. No worries if you're not interested/can't get up, just puttin' it out there. :)

Erika said...

That sounds awesome! If the timing worked out I would totally drive up! I love me a little road trip (it's a really good excuse for a long road trip!).

Hope your day is going great!

Carly said...

I think you know you can count me in for any wilfair-related trips! Keep me posted!

And reason you can find to go to San Diego and eat cake should be used. I may have to find something to research that requires me to go there ;)

Wilfair Book said...

Carly! We need to talk about your trip, too. I realized you said "summer" before and then I was like, "ahhhh, we'll do it much later this year." Seriously, any time you're in LA I can make the walk happen! I love love love the area so I'm always happy to show someone around, pre-planned or not so much.

And if I can talk about my fictional pals, too, while I do it, so much the better. :)

bess said...

Wilfair walking tours?! Fun! Damn you east coast (shakes angry fist at Atlantic Ocean)!

Seriously, though, this is a great idea and I wish I could join. California seems very mysterious to me, I've really only spent time in San Francisco.

-sorry if this is a double post.

Wilfair Book said...

Bess, you are invited! If only there was some sort of East Coast-West Coast portal we could pry open for a day. I'll look into that.

I love San Francisco. I included The Oppositery Hotel in the Finley family hotels expressly so I could write about my SF obsessions. (I think calling it "the SF" is a no-no but I'm feeling cuh-ray-zee today.) The Oppositery is actually two towers on either side of the Golden Gate Bridge. I want to write stuff about it so badly. But down the road.

Speaking of roads, the SF is also home to a major street called Montgomery. Yay!

So. What did you do there? Eat anything delicious? Marvel at its hilly funkiness?

bess said...

Definitely ate a lot, wonderful Italian in North Beach and great Caribbean tapas (maybe near Haight?). Lots of walking and hiking and marveling at humongous trees. We also visited some spots recommended by my dad from his days there in the late 60s.

Wilfair Book said...

Tapas! Trees! Exclamation points!

Erika said...

Why am I not eating a caramel covered marshmallow right now? It just seems wrong!

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