How Long Is a Book?

A few weeks ago I wrote that I wanted to keep all the books around the same length-ish.


That's probably not happening with STAY AWHILE. And that's okay, because I hope, down the road, to write some shorter -- 20,000 words? -- stories set in this world.

It's just sticky, for me personally, because I'm the sort of person who likes to spoon out the same amount of macaroni to everyone's bowl come dinnertime. Even stevens. But sometimes some bowls will have more, and I have to deal with that. It's no biggie.

If you have thoughts on the lengths of WILFAIR and REDWOODIAN, and what would be satisfying for you in future books, please ping me. :)


Carly said...

Well, I'm probably the least helpful person to weigh in on this because every time I get to the end of a book I like I sit there and think..."I want more! Whaaa!" So if Stay Awhile is longer than the first two books...I'm already happy with it, lol.

Wilfair Book said...

Carly, you rock. Your insights really help me.

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