Subverting the Big Reveal

The Big Reveal in a story or film has always charmed me. Two potential sweethearts spend much of a film looking slovenly or at least very casual. Then, in the final act, they suddenly appear at the dance or the ball or the wedding and, wow, are they suddenly fancy and gorgeous.

The girl often swans down a grand staircase into the guy's arms:

"Wow," says the guy. "You clean up nice."
"So do you," says the girl, nearly losing her balance in her new high heels. 
He catches her elbow and their eyes meet.

One of the freedoms of going the self-publishing route with the WILFAIR books is being able to try what I want to try and toy with the standards. This isn't to say traditionally published writers aren't given awesome freedoms to stretch and subvert and experiment; I'm quite sure they are. And, as I've said before, I'm sweet on the traditional route. I'll never harsh on anyone's mellow regarding self-pub vs. traditional. To each her own and high fives all around.

WILFAIR's first two potential sweethearts (oh yes, there are more to come -- hi, Carly) are Fair Finley and Gomery Overbove. The hotel heiress and motel employee deserve their Big Reveal, too, but because Fair is usually in vintage movie gowns and Gomery's in his tie and button-up, their Big Reveal naturally has to go in the opposite direction.

In short: Can two characters go from dressy to dressed-down and still wow each other? Would it be kind of exciting to see your crush, a person who is typically gussied up, appear in your doorway clad in a t-shirt, denim skirt, and clogs?

Nope, it isn't a major subversion of a tried-and-true theme and I'm not saying I'm rewriting any rules. Goodness no. But I am gaining plenty of pleasure from lining up a bunch of tiny subversions, one after the other, in these books, and seeing how they stack up. Because the tiny and quieter subversions, I find, ultimately pack more punch.

I hope you're enjoying them, too.


Carly said...

I pretty much squealed in excitement! I'm guessing maybe a bit of romance for my adorable Monty?! I love it!

I've actually wondered a couple of times while reading the first two books what it might be like to see Fair dressed down a little. Like, if she were going out on the town with Sutton or something, would she still wear one of her "uniforms?"

bess said...

Yes Carly! I've wondered about Fair's clothes too, like, does she own jeans? I love the idea of the characters getting a makeunder. Also there should be some dancing, somewhere in the books. I don't know why but I picture an impromptu dance moment.

Also, I'm very glad Carly and I don't have to fight over the Overboves, we each have our own favorites ;).

Wilfair Book said...

Carly and Bess, can I make you the official WILFAIR committee? I need to put you both in the sidebar. Carly, do you have a link I can use? I know Bess does. I'm not even kidding.

Bess, there will be dancing. OH YES. All kinds. Maybe not immediately but things are in the works. Actually I was just thinking about a scene I'd sketched out for Book 6 a year or so ago. (Cough, hi, yes, I've thought about little scenes for that far ahead; should I even admit that?) Whenever I think about the scene -- it is a dance scene, spoiler alert -- I always hear of "Dim All the Lights" by Donna Summer.

Just thinking about that, yesterday, with Ms. Summer's passing. Love that song so much.

Anyway, I'm creating a widget for you ladies in the sidebar, unless you object. :)

Wilfair Book said...

Oh, and I know hotels are known for dancing, like formal dance parties, which are pretty and lovely and elegant. But there will be DANCING in the books, too.

I will let those screamy capital letters speak for themselves.

bess said...

A widget, neato! and DANCING was what I was talking about, unskilled but enthusiastic dancing is where it's at.

Carly said...

I do not object to widgets :) But I don't have a blog or anything, just my gmail account and facebook page. At any rate, I'm beyond flattered. I'm still blown away by the fact that you even respond to my responses!

Hurray for dancing!

Bess - the idea of Fair in jeans intrigues me. And yes, how fortunate that there are two Montgomery Overboves so we can each have one to ourselves.

Wilfair Book said...

BTW, Carly and Bess, this is probably what casual Fair would dress like:

Although she may, at times, go even less vintage. Just jeans and a tee. I think the de-old-fashioned-ing of Fair is not a bad thing to think about.

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