Trying Out a Name

So. Yesterday I was scrolling through my phone contacts and I came across the name below and I had to laugh at myself.

When I first started writing WILFAIR, and I was thinking about character names, I put a few of them in my contacts to test them out and see how they looked against the real names of people I know. Did the character names seem too wacky? Too dull? Or just right?

I keep forgetting that I left "Fair Finley" in my contacts. And whenever I see the name I'm slightly embarrassed and think about deleting it. But then I always leave it. (Coincidentally, Fair's name is right above Farmers Market, which is a real place and is in the books.)

I wonder what Fair's phone number is? She probably lists the main line for The Wilfair and saves her private info for Sutton. Oh, though did she write her digits on the Motel Fairwil call list, too, and someone over at the motel entered her number into his phone.

I realize this won't do much to dispel my somewhat quirky rep. :) Really, I'm very ho-hum, despite the fact that I include fictional characters on my real contact list.


bess said...

What if you got a call one day and the caller ID came up as "Fair Finley"?! Would you answer it?

I like wacky names, especially in books or movies. You don't see enough of it in life (though I have met some) and I think it's just one of benefits of creating a fictional world. It adds a nice flavor to things and sets a tone in your books, I think.

Full disclosure: I really like unique names for real people too.

(I'm writing this from Italy. Buongiorno!)

Wilfair Book said...

Oh wow. What if Fair did call? I'd probably stare at the phone for several seconds and then throw it in the nearest tar pit, all freaked out.

Nah, I'd answer it and give her some advice on getting stuff together in her life. "Fewer ruffles" might be one tip I'd offer, although I kind of love all the ruffles. As does Gomery.

Thank you for weighing in on names, Bess. Good to know.

Italy! Gorgeousness. Renaissance art was part of my minor, so I love me a rockin' fresco. Have a ball!

Erika said...

So this is the second time I am admitting this; my husband's picture on my phone pops up as my celebrity crush. They share the same first name (even if my husband refuses to go by his first name). It's slightly embarrassing but I smile for multiple reasons when he calls. So... Mission accomplished?

I am now thinking of putting characters from books in my phone. Willy Wonka, Mr. Darcy... And of course, Fair Finley.

Wilfair Book said...

Erika -- I never answered this. I love that you'd add Willy Wonka and Mr. Darcy to your phone contacts. And Fair! That is so nice.

By the way, I'm a huge Wonka fan. I just phoned my brother and sang "Cheer Up, Charlie" on his voicemail. Like, all the lyrics. And my voice is not good, I assure you.

PS Now I want to know your celebrity crush.

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