Welcome, Carrie!

Thanks for following. I'm glad you're here.

So I dithered about what your hello photo should be. I've been going with snaps taken around LA for the hello posts, since that is where the WILFAIR books are set and where I live. And I love it so.

I finally settled on a food theme for your hello, probably because I'm considering a late-night pantry visit.

Here's a pic of Randy's Donuts, a local shop that's been in a ton of movies. The apple fritters are quite yummy, too. And it fits since the WILFAIR books feature odd buildings and Los Angeles landmarks.

I believe IRON MAN filmed at Randy's. Do you think Tony Stark is a jelly doughnut kind of superhero? :)

* Let me also add that Carrie is part of the NA Alley team. Word up!


twentysomethingfictionwriter said...

Ooh, Carrie, you got Randy's Donuts! Makes my mouth water and I LOVE me some Tony Stark :D Excellent photos Alysia!

Wilfair Book said...

Victoria, check it out: Tony Stark himself sitting inside Randy's Donuts. This photo might deserve its own post; the sunglasses and Iron Man suit together are TOO. MUCH.
Happy Friday! http://bit.ly/LlbsNr

Carrie Butler said...

Yesterday was National Doughnut Day! How perfect is this? :D Thanks for the warm welcome, Alysia!

By the way, that Iron Man photo is absolutely rowr-worthy. ;)

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