Hotels and  motels, like hospitals, airports, and police stations, are 24-hour places.

Meaning the people who live and work there are probably up early, whether they want to be or not. So how do the characters of "Wilfair" fuel up for the day?

Fair Finley: Fair eats frosting for breakfast as mentioned in "Wilfair." She often samples the wedding cakes in her hotel's kitchen, just to make sure they are perfect for her bride clients. She's not against toast, either; she and Gomery Overbove of the Motel Fairwil eat toast together in the motel's diner (cherry jam for Fair, which Gomery opts for, too). She wants to be healthier, though, since sometimes her vintage gowns feel a bit snug around the backside. There may be more oatmeal and hot grains in Fair's immediate future.

Sutton Von Hunt: Sutton doesn't only work in fruit crafts; she loves her work, literally. She's the biggest fruit eater in the books, but she doesn't eat fruit like the rest of us; she'd probably guffaw at seeing someone consuming an apple in the traditional way. She'll stack weird fruits on top of each other or bake blueberries or stuff banana slices inside strawberries or make a meal solely out of fruit grown on trees. Her mind is easily bored and craves challenges. Sutton also works at a famous public market -- Farmers Market -- so the occasional waffle or crepe tempts her.

Monty Overbove: Monty has a lot of movie meetings with his friends. They want to make films so they meet at places like the Mmm Mmm Café late at night to discuss logistics and how to raise the money. He'll eat half of a chef's salad or turkey sandwich at midnight, take the other half home, and finish it when he wakes up. Monty is more of a night person than morning, so his cousin sometimes has to bang on the door to Room 126 to wake him. Monty usually opens the door wearing an apologetic smile and not much else; I picture him already holding the other half to his turkey sandwich, too. He also, as mentioned, likes the crepes of Farmers Market, but not for breakfast. Those are an afternoon snack. Monty is built like a popcorn box and has the best metabolism in the books. Sandwiches at midnight? Crepes in the day? No problem.

Gomery Overbove: After turning the lights on in the diner, making the motel's complimentary lobby coffee, scooping a few bugs out of the pool, and turning off the Motel Fairwil's neon sign, Gomery pours a bowl of generic brand shredded wheat. He'll eat it at the front desk, leaning on his elbows, tie folded on itself on the flat surface. If a guest walks into the lobby he puts the bowl to one side; when he returns to it the wheat is soggy, but he finishes it. His bowl of cereal is probably one of the only non-busy parts of his day; let's call it Montgomery #1's daydreaming time. He's thinking about fanciful scientific concepts while watching pajama-wearing guests open their curtains and stretch over at The Wilfair. He's seen Fair open her curtains a thousand times.

Prior Yates: Craft Services, the people who make all the meals on a film set, cook all of the movie star's breakfasts. There are egg whites on his plate and there is wheat germ and there is skim milk in his espresso and there are all the ingredients needed to keep one of the most famous men in the world looking fit and buff. But Prior misses a big traditional English breakfast. He loves butter and all the extras. His mum always makes him one when he goes home. Don't tell his trainer or his nutritionist.

Thurs Mathers: The mega hotel heir tries out a different breakfast restaurant most mornings of the week, since he owns a bunch of hotels. He always wants to see what's new on the menus and make suggestions if something isn't quite working. Sometimes the World's Sexiest Aunts are in his company, but he eats alone a lot. He'd say this is good, the better to spread out all of this papers and work across the table, but I think he might be fibbing.

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PS Post inspiration: Erika's recent cars question. Thanks again, Erika! More questions like this to come (Bess has a few, too).


Carly said...

You, know I'm extremely curious about Thurs Mathers. Despite having a hundred hotels or a gajillion hotels, he actually seemed to have a decent sense of humor when he would text Fair. I'm still suspicious of him and his motives and I wish he would leave the Wilfair alone, but I want to know more. He's got to get tired of hangin' with the aunts all day.

Wilfair Book said...

Thanks for this comment, Carly. I'm thinking a lot about Thurs Mathers these days. He's pretty cute, he and his crisp collars and that hair swoop, but he is definitely up to stuff. Stay tuned.

Erika said...

I don't know why but picturing Gomery eating his cereal makes me smile even though it's a lonely image. Maybe because it's his day dreaming/alone time :)

Also Monty answering the door makes me smile too haha!

I really enjoyed this post especially because it came just after breakfast with my family.

Wilfair Book said...

Hee hee, Erika. I think Monty probably sleeps in boxers most of the year. It gets warm in LA. But what makes him Monty is he is okay with answering his door dressed like that. It is usually Gomery at his door, so he doesn't care, but I think if he suddenly saw Fair there he'd be VERY embarrassed.

Speaking of warm weather, how are my California ladies holding up? Summer is arriving in Los Angeles. Keep cool where you are!

Last question: What did you have for breakfast today, Erika? I had a small bowl of Cinnamon Chex, which is just about my favorite cereal ever. I heart cereal.

bess said...

I like the idea of Prior Yates sneaking bacon, scones and fried things when he's at home, Much tastier than egg whites. Like Erika, I love the picture of Gomery eating his sensible breakfast alone. It seems like it could be sad but I guess I like early morning alone time myself so it has pleasant associations.

That bagel is making me hungry. Northern Louisiana is a bagel desert, no one sells them or eats them (it's biscuit country) and I miss them.

I had cornflakes and coffee for breakfast. Not my favorite cereal but we had a coupon.

Carly- Thurs makes me uneasy too.

Carly said...

I love these type of blog posts. I always wonder about the little everyday type things of characters I like - cars, breakfasts, boxers,etc.

What types of music do they all listen to?

Erika said...

Summer is in San Diego as well. We broke out the kid-pools and the hose. I wonder what Fair's take on little plastic pools would be?

Let's see, I had some tater tots and scrambled eggs in honor of a visiting younger sister. It harkened back to childhood breakfasts and was delicious. :)

I'm a big fan of cereal and breakfast breads but I must say, a breakfast burrito is my obsession. I am in the perfect place for them too :)

Wilfair Book said...

Carly! Thanks for the feedback. Love the question, so watch for more posts to come.

Erika. ERIKA. The breakfast burrito is my obsession, too! Oh my word. We have to talk. The spicier the better. My favorite breakfast burrito is in Albuquerque but I have a few California spots I love, too.

And Bess? Coupons and cornflakes just seem to go together; like, even the words look alike. And the bagel photo. Heck yes. Though I must say I'm more of an everything bagel girl. Oh, with dill or or garlic or green chile cream cheese. Perfection. I'm not saying I'm the sweetest-breathed person after that breakfast, but I'm a happy person.

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