Erika -- hi Erika! -- recently asked about characters and their cars. It's a fun question, so...

Fair Finley: The hotel heiress doesn't own a car. She probably uses her parents' car when they're away checking on their other hotels. That car is a late-model luxury sedan, probably not the nicest thing on the market but posh. The Wilfair Hotel also owns a few fancy limos and town cars for ferrying guests to and from the airport. If she needs a lift she could ask a bellman to drive her, although she'd probably be embarrassed to do so, unless it was an emergency. She does state in "Wilfair" she rarely leaves the hotel. When she does she can go on foot, since The Wilfair is in a very walkable area. Fair likes to stroll over to visit Sutton at Farmers Market. She also doesn't hate swinging by the Motel Fairwil to complain about something the motel is doing, especially if she gets to complain to Monty or Gomery.

Monty and Gomery Overbove: They share the Motel Fairwil van, a vehicle that's also used for ferrying guests to and from the airport. Sometimes this creates conflict if they need it at the same time, but they work it out; the cousins rarely argue. They save their disagreements for important matters, not trivial. The van is pretty old and banged-up but Monty is attached to it.

Sutton Von Hunt: Sutton drives a boxy, old-school Volvo, no A/C. She doesn't have to drive far; the duplex apartment she shares with Grandma, and her mom (when her mom is in town), is walking distance to The Wilfair, Sutton's high school, and Farmers Market, where she works. Sutton sparkles cupcakes puppies loves her car.

Prior Yates: Whatever kind of car Prior wants, Prior buys. Probably in multiple colors.

Thurs Mathers: Thurs, that kid with 100 hotels, makes his "Wilfair" debut in his family's two-toned stretch car. I see all the Mathers riding around in swank, two-toned cars from like an old-fashioned Agatha Christie-type movie. He and the World's Sexiest Aunts are driven everywhere.

Wil and Bo Finley: They use bellcarts to get around, much to their older sister's consternation.

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Carly said...

I love this question! I'm assuming, then, that Fair has a license? I can't remember if it's mentioned in the books. The image of Fair in Driver's Training kind of cracks me up. You have a lot things to apologize for as a student driver:)

Erika said...

Morning all!!

I am loving this post and Carly's response imagining Fair in driver's training is a crack up!

Wilfair Book said...

Ha ha! I'm sure that Fair's driving test was one big apology party.

Now I kind of want to write a little short around this idea. I can see Fair trying to put the car into reverse and then explaining to the driver, at length, how she feels like sometimes her life is in reverse and the instructor being exasperated, like, "Okay, obviously you live all up in your head, with the emotions, but you need to analyze less and drive now."

Actually, there's a part in "Redwoodian" where Fair and Gomery talk about how they, and Monty, never learned how to ride a bike, just due to time constraints and the traffic on their corner. Did I put that there in the hopes that there one day might be a bicycle lesson? Why I certainly did. :)

PS You guys give me the best post ideas!

PPS Your email is still coming, Carly. I need the time and room of weekend hours to write back in the way I'd like to!

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