Fair Finley's "I Want" Song

The "I Want" Song is commonly found in animated movies and non-animated musicals. The heroine is standing on a hill or a bale of hay or inside a Kansas barnyard and she proceeds to describe her wishes and hopes via her soaring voice.

Yep, Dorothy had a major "I Want" moment during "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." I'm also sweet on Tiana's "Almost There" from "The Princess and the Frog" and Ariel's "Part of Your World" in "The Little Mermaid." There are many more in popular culture, and, yep, the hero will often sing one, too. I'm thinking of Seymour in "Little Shop of Horrors," who only wants to get off Skid Row. (If you have a favorite, let me know in the comments.)

So when I started WILFAIR I thought a lot about Fair Finley's "I Want" Song.

"I just want everyone to win and no one to be sad" is definitely the main theme of her song. She doesn't actually sing it, of course, but that's the core theme.

She has other wants, of course, and, like all of us, probably a few she hasn't figured out yet. I wanted her desires to run the gamut, with the majority of them landing on the important side of the scale. Our heroine may dress in ruffles and flutter at times, but Fair Finley is not frivolous, especially about others' feelings. Or, I hope, her own.

Here are some Fair wants that have been mentioned. (I suppose a few of these might be spoilers but I feel comfortable with sharing them if you haven't read the books; there's nothing too revealing here.)

-- She wants to be a better big sister.

-- She wants to make her parents proud.

-- She wants to figure out if her family's business, the hotel business, is truly for her.

-- She wants to apologize less.

-- She wants to not be an old child forever.

-- She wants/doesn't want to take her neighbors' motel swimming pool.

-- She wants her best friend to not forget her when she leaves for college.

-- She wants to know what a close, deep, and even-ground friendship with someone she's attracted to feels like. And what is beyond that friendship. And if her head will explode into a million sparkles merely from thinking about it.

-- She wants to wear fewer snoods.

What's your "I Want" song? Mine, at least this morning, involves a toaster waffle with almond butter. :)


twentysomethingfictionwriter said...

Haha! I didn't even realize that heroines did that! My girl Ariel from my MSS would definitely have one, lol!

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