The Fruitcheress

Sutton Von Hunt works with fruit.

This isn't where the character of Fair Finley's best friend started out, though. Well, since Sutton burst into being -- and she really seemed to burst into being for me, where Fair more twirled -- she's always worked at the world-famous Farmers Market, which is a real place not far from the real Los Angeles intersection where the fictional Wilfair Hotel sits.

But Sutton was a butcheress in Wilfair's early days. Then fruit took a front seat in the stories -- in the cherries in Fair's favorite drink, the Shirley Temple, in the oranges of The Wilfair's famous citrus topiaries, in the fruit baskets our hotel heiress can't stop giving away, in the ripeness of the moment these people find themselves in -- and I knew Ms. Von Hunt needed a slightly different occupation.

Enter the fruitcheress, which is someone who creates art out of apples and crafts out of kiwis. One of the unexpected joys of writing the Wilfair stories has been thinking up random things people might request at Sutton's grandma's fruitcher shop. A honeydew handbag? A grape necklace?

Most of all, I liked a delicate calling paired with Sutton's not-so-delicate nature. She has to do precise work even as her true nature is to rail and flail. She's large and in charge, even as she's slicing the smallest of gooseberries.

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bess said...

I like the idea of Sutton as this tiny girl wielding a big knife and baking beautiful things with it. I have a feeling that there's real artistry to her fruit work even though she might shrug it off. She should make Fair a fruit corsage, it would look lovely and serve as a snack in a pinch.

Wilfair Book said...

You're correct; Sutton is quite the artist.

I can see Fair furtively gnawing at her fruit corsage as she wiles time away in The Wilfair lobby. This is an excellent idea.

I'm wishing I had like jerky or something attached to the upper part of my shirt right now. Who can make me a jerky corsage? Google, help.

Carly said...

Jerky! I recently drove to Arizona and stopped in a tiny place called Quartzsite where there is a store called "Really Good Jerky." Two whole walls of various jerky varieties. I was in heaven. And so was my dog, lol.

Wilfair Book said...

Carly! Oh. My. Gosh. Not only do I know Quartzsite I've been to that jerky store! This kind of makes my day, thinking you and I frequent the same snackfood outpost in Quartzsite, Arizona. We drive the 10 freeway a few times a year so, believe it, I have all my usual stops. Are you a Hadley's fan? Date shakes?

Carly said...

You know, I love dates but I've never tried a date shake. Every time I drive through Indio I think about it, lol. I will have to try one.

Wilfair Book said...

The little date chunks in the creamy shake are a bit odd but I like it.

And I love that whole area, Indio/Palm Springs/Cabazon. Mount San Jacinto! So pretty.

Carly said...

I lived in Palm Desert for years and there is something magical about that place. It could just be nostalgia, but the desert itself is so beautiful.

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