Howdy, Bailey!

Thank you for adding your la-la-loverly photo to the followers widget!

So the LA-based welcome photo I've chosen for you is unfortunately a bit grainy but I can't not share it. A couple of years ago we had this epic rainbow over Los Angeles. Like a really saturated richly hued rainbow, not a 'bow that sort of petered out halfway through. (No offense to half-hearted rainbows, I'm sure they are trying and all, but still, c'mon. Get it together, paltrier rainbows.)

When I looked north I saw that the rainbow ended exactly at the famous Hollywood Sign. That wee white strip on the hill in the distance? Yep, that's the sign. It was so sort of perfect I started laughing, and then I ran for my camera phone, which unfortunately did not produce the best photo.

There's some Hollywood love in my books, and I aim to make my stories more rainbow than rain, so this photo feels like a fit for the blog.

Thanks again for the follow, Bailey!


bailey m kelsey said...

Thank you for the rainbow welcome! Sorry it took me a while to get back, it's one of those weeks. Heh.

Wilfair Book said...

Bailey, I hear you. I've had that week, too. Well, that fortnight. Which kind of makes me sound pretentious, using the word "fortnight," esp. since I'm not British.

Eesh. Anywho. Wishing you a fresh start on Monday!

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