Neptune Pool

Make-believe swimming pools? I like to think about them. One in particular, actually: the Motel Fairwil pool.

Meaning real pools inspire me. This one, the supernaturally pretty Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle, is one of my very favorites. It is exquisite, yes, but here's what really intrigues me: It is not open to the general public. An inviting pool that you can't jump in? It's like the Motel Fairwil pool and pent-up heiress Fair Finley. All that pretty blue water, right there, so tempting, and yet.

And yet.

By the way, Hearst Castle, which is in San Simeon, California, is in the same area as the fictional Lodge Under Ocean from the "Wilfair" books. It is breathtaking country.

On another note, I wonder if Fair will ever jump in the Motel Fairwil pool? And, if she does, will she be alone?

photo: Hearst Castle


bess said...

(fingers crossed) I hope not alone unless it's a big yelling "yell" type of moment when only a solitary cannonball will do.

Also, do her costumes extend to swimwear? Will she be in a full Ester Williams get-up complete with a rubbery, flowered swim cap (my grandmother used to wear those)?

Wilfair Book said...

1. There will be more yelling of "yell," for sure. Location TBD.

2. I'm laughing and I'm sending you an email.

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