The Princess and the Castle

If someone called the WILFAIR series a princess-castle story, I wouldn't object. Putting a modern, urban spin on the traditional princess-castle story has very much intrigued me.

I adore those old stories, or most of them. But I wanted to write about a princess who is in charge of her castle. She isn't just a figurehead. And even though she doesn't own her power yet, I wanted her to find a way to embrace her strength and talents.

And hotels, especially the very large and historic ones, are definitely city castles. Like a castle, a hotel is a busy little world unto itself, self-contained and complete with all needs. And hotels are castles anyone can stay at, too, which I love. It's that come-one-come-all spirit that infuses a hotel with immediate dramatic potential.


Princess=Fair Finley
Castle=Wilfair Hotel
Kingdom=Finley family's nine California hotels

In the end, the princess of the WILFAIR books knows she has to get her key-wrap together. Thank goodness she is getting closer to the blacksmith and candlemaker next door. They won't be responsible for her owning her power -- that's totally her journey -- but their friendships will lend support and maybe a little sparkle to her day-to-day castle-managing duties.


Erika said...

Is Monty the blacksmith? Popcorn maker build and all...

Wilfair Book said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! That truly made me laugh, Erika. Okay, yes, for sure, Monty is the blacksmith.

If only someone with a knack for writing about medieval worlds would do some short "Wilfair" fanfic set in that era. I'd love to see the characters in those jobs.

Just dreaming today. :)

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