Thank You, Amanda Loves Words!

I came across this very sweet review for WILFAIR and REDWOODIAN at Amanda Loves Words.

It's true that I was so thrilled at the review's opening line -- "These two books are moving onto my top 10 list of favorite books ever" -- that I practically broke into a jig.

But here's my favorite bit: "(t)hese books aren't for everyone but they're definitely for me."

Hooray. Love. Yes.

When I began to write these books I knew they wouldn't be for everyone. They're quirky, or so I'm told, and I'm probably a bit too besotted with optimism and humor and weirdness and sunshine and mostly good feelings.

Those things are not everyone's cup of tea, or bowl of Wilfair Hotel onion dip, rather.

In the end, I only wanted a few true readers who, like Amanda, would find that the books were definitely for them. Readers are my greatest joy as I build the WILFAIR world, those people who say "dang, Alysia, your stuff is kind of peculiar, but it is my kind of peculiar."

Thank you, so much, dear, peculiar people. Thank you, Amanda. And gratitude to one and all.

* Addendum * So I'm worried that this post seems to exude chest-puffery. Gah! I hope not. I just wanted to say that I love the love and I'm down with the books not being for everyone. Moving on now. Slipping out of the room. Head down, collar up, face red. Sigh.


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