Trees of Mystery

The Trees of Mystery in Northern California is one of my favorite spots.

I'm riding the attraction's famous tram in this photo. "What if all of these gigantic redwoods were inside a hotel located far from here," I'm thinking. I'm also thinking about my itchy if fairly smart red vintage swing coat and if there's some sort of fabric softener I can use to make it less skin-irritating.

Outlandish flights of fancy and trivial, everyday issues regularly bump up against each other in my brain, for better or worse, like so many lit-up bumper cars at the county fair.


Carly said...

Is your hair naturally curly? If yes, I'm jealous.

Erika said...

I am loving the bumper car imagery!

Wilfair Book said...

Carly: No jealousy! I would call my hair "geographically curly" -- the closer I get to the ocean or a damp clime the curlier it gets.

Erika: I'm obsessed with fairs -- no double-meaning intended -- and festivals and theme parks, so I go to that imagery a lot. It's true, though: I find I spend quite a bit of time dreaming up ridiculous things or breaking down the minutia of life. Those really are my two personal bumper cars. Bump bump bump. :)

bess said...

I think straight-haired people always dream of having curly hair and vice versa. I know I do.

Is the love of fairs and festivals, etc. where the Wilfair's ferris wheel (and overall ostentatious-ness)come from?

I've never been to any BIG fairs, just small, country ones. My boyfriend speaks longingly of the Minnesota state fair where they have butter sculptures of beauty queens and sell cookies by the bucket with free glasses of milk and just about any kind of food you can imagine on a stick.

Wilfair Book said...

I'm obsessed with the glasses of milk at the Minnesota State Fair! Ob. Sessed. I've never been but all I want to do is drink whole milk and admire butter cows. Road trip?

The Wilfair's Ferris wheel is definitely born of my fair interests. There may be more county fair-related stuff to come, too. What if you had to enter a hotel lobby via one of those huge slides where people race each other?

Now I'm dreaming of roasted corn on the cob, my favorite fair food. Eating it with mayo, cotija cheese, and chili powder is a local favorite. I want one right now. So yummy.

Erika said...

Roasted corn on the cob sounds amazing!

I am not as obsessed with fairs. I always seem to go with someone who gets sick and my hometown's fair was pretty small. I am however going to the San Diego fair soon so maybe my luck willl change?

I keep trying so that must mean something :)

wealhtheow said...

If Trees of Mystery make ever make an appearance in the Wilfair World, please say you're going to include the anatomically correct Babe the Blue Ox. I can't even begin to imagine Fair's face if she ever caught sight of that.

Wilfair Book said...

You know how some people will write "LOL" even if they didn't? Oh, I just LOL'd, hard, at that comment, wealhtheow. That is so, so funny. Yes. I can already hear the Fair-Monty conversation in my head.

If I ever get to writing about the Innigma hotel, I'll write about this area. And if I write about Babe the Blue Ox's endowments, believe me when I say you'll get a special thank you in the acknowledgements.

I love your other comment, too, on the sandwiches thread; response to come.

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