Wilfair Character Poster

There are a number of characters in the "Wilfair" books and some to come. With that in mind, I ran by the sticker store at LA's own famous Farmers Market -- that's where Sutton Von Hunt works -- and bought some monster/animal/monkey/fish stickers so I could group characters together, the better to track where the new people fit.

The top photo is a bit small on purpose; I didn't want it to spoil surprises, since there are people on the poster who have not yet been mentioned. It's also a bit creased; you can see how much I drag that thing around.

The bottom photo features a close-up of the characters you likely know, if you've read the books. It was hard choosing what monster for what character.

And once again, I know I'm not doing much to dispel that quirky rep I seem to have gained. :) What? Stickers are cool. Everyone knows that.

Oh, and I realize that Fair and Sutton are the smaller monsters in the line-up. It isn't a guy-girl thing; I just wanted both Sutton and Monty to be the monsters with horns. Mrs. Finley is, in fact, much larger than Mr. Finley on the poster. She's a giraffe, which suits her big personality.


bess said...

This is such a fun idea. I love Sutton and Monty with their horns and big, toothy grins. Fuzzy Fair and Gomery look like shy, sweet creatures.

Erika said...

I love that Sutton and Monty look like they are plotting and that Fair and Gomery look like they might hold hands at any minute!

Chiara said...

It's funny because I was thinking earlier that I connect Sutton with purple (it came to mind because of the nail polish post) because for some reason that color seems to be her. Yellow for Fair makes a lot of sense to me as well. Not any sense that I can explain in words but it's a feeling.

Wilfair Book said...

I swung by this post because I saw Chiara commented and then I saw I never responded at all! Please, Alysia, get it together.

bess: TOTALLY shy, sweet creatures, those two.

Erika: Yes! Any minute they might. They *want* to hold hands. Monty and Sutton are plotters. Monty is a BIG plotter. Posts ahead on that one.

Chiara: Sutton and purple: totally. I'm feeling it. It's quite the regal color, and she doesn't bow to anyone. I love that you've been weighing in on Ms. Von Hunt, because she's someone I want to talk more about. Thanks!

Chiara said...

Feel free to talk more about Ms. Von Hunt! I'm a fan of hers. I always one to like the feisty and strong ladies.

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