Wilfair Magpie Box

Now that I've shared the Wilfair Character Poster, complete with its toothy, horned monsters, here's another thing I use while writing the books: a magpie box.

I was inspired by choreographer Twyla Tharp, who is said to drag things, like a magpie might do, into a pile. Those things? Any object or item that might inspire her next project.

So what's in Wilfair's magpie box? Postcards and quotes and magazine ads and the random physical object. Anything, in short, that has the potential to jumpstart ideas or make me think about the stories in a new way.

Yep, there's a cup. Cups show up at the end of "Redwoodian," so naturally my magpie box needed one. There's also a postcard of a bridge way in the back of the box. Future hint.

Update: I realized that my magpie box lacked a pinecone. Situation remedied. See photo #2.


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