A Reader Visits Wilshire & Fairfax

The busy city intersection at the heart of the "Wilfair" books is not make-believe.

Awesome reader wealhtheow sent me photos she took at the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue during her recent Los Angeles visit. Uh, !!!! 

Thanks, wealhtheow, for sharing. Love so much.

Oh, and the white building to very right of the frame? I sometimes park my car right there, listen to music, and think about story-type things. So funny, and fun, to see it in a reader photo.


wealhtheow said...


Jamila said...

Woo hoo, my friend is famous!!

Jamila said...

You know what would make this picture even better? A snood.

Wilfair Book said...

1. :)!

2. SO famous. Total superstar. And I neglected to say I love the happy, hands up pose. Yay!

3. Word. I'm doing a snood post soon. There will probably multiple snood posts to come. Let's be honest.

wealhtheow said...

Fun fact. Sometimes I just send Jamila a one-word text: SNOOD.

Wilfair Book said...


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