Are you a random daydreamer? Or do you plan a few minutes each day to let your mind roam?

I do a bit of both. And my favorite daydreams, especially those that pertain to the "Wilfair" books, unfurl when I'm up to something else, like watering the garden. Meaning that when I sit down to a blank screen everything I'm going to write, whether it be a page or a scene or an exchange, is already, for the most part, written.

Thank you, daydreaming.

Things will change, yes, as I'm typing, but I've never been one to plunk down with my hands hovering over the keyboard as I decide where to start. Those who can? Amazing people. I just end up typing "I love cheese" over and over. And "I love cheese," for all of its finer qualities, does not a story make.

Where is your best daydreaming done?


bess said...

Yikes, I've always been a big day dreamer, especially when I was in school. I'd just drift away looking out the window. Also during sports as a kid, I really wasn't very competitive so I would look at the clouds or pick flowers and make up stories in my head. It used to drive my mom nuts.

These days I generally do it when I'm walking across campus on an errand (I work at a college), it makes the trip a little more exciting.

Wilfair Book said...

"Walking across campus" sounds like the ideal place to let thoughts wander.

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