Fair Finley in 1915

Every so often I like to see what the characters of "Wilfair" are up to around the internet.

Googling "Fair Finley" today turned up this 1915 Vanity Fair cover. Reason? Well, the "Fair" in Vanity Fair, of course, and one of the artists has the surname Finley.

I love it. It, funny enough, summons the spirit of the series for me -- there are the Overbove cousins to the left and Fair Finley in the foreground, looking perfectly vintage. And is that the pool way in the background?

Prints are for sale at the Conde Nast site. Sweet.


Erika said...

I love this! I may have to go and look up random characters online now!

Wilfair Book said...

Odd things do turn up. Mostly I keep nursing my far-off dream that someone might write a short and wacky fanfic of the characters in outer space or in prehistoric times.

Honestly I'd probably write about the "Wilfair" characters in outer space myself if I had a bit more time.

Hmm. Getting ideas.

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