House Guests

I've enjoyed hosting some guests over the weekend. It got me thinking about the kind of hosts the people of Wilfair might be. Without further ado (and because I hear my guests waking up)...

Fair Finley: She'd probably give her visiting friend or relative the hotel room next to hers, the better to keep an eye on them. I don't think she's a smotherer but I do sense she'd "Are you having a good time?" and "Can I get you anything?"-them half-silly. There is an exception to this and it comes halfway through "Redwoodian," when she daydreams that a particular neighbor of hers could rest in her room for a few days while she stays in another hotel room. Oh, and when Sutton spends the night at the hotel, she of course stays with Fair. When they were younger they probably tried out different rooms around The Wilfair Hotel but now they stick to Fair's bedroom. It's closer to the kitchen inside the Finleys' suite. And Fair has to keep an eye on her brothers.

Sutton Von Hunt: Sutton would drag out-of-towners to her workplace, Farmers Market, since it is a real tourist destination, and tell them that she has to work and they have to entertain themselves. If she and Grandma were particularly strapped for help she'd probably make her guests don aprons and chop bananas. Would she grumble about their banana-chopping-style the whole time? Yes.

Monty and Gomery Overbove: They don't have a big family, but they do have a motel, so if an old school friend needs a room, or some of Monty's movie pals want to crash for the night, it isn't a problem. Gomery is the guest's morning host and Monty is around to hang later at night.

Prior Yates: The movie star loans out his various mansions to relatives and chums for a week at a time. But it always hurts his feelings if he doesn't get a thank you card. It's real Rude City, in his book.

Thurs Mathers: He can put up anybody at any of his 100 hotels. But he always invites people to stay with him and his aunts inside the Mathers Family manor, which is a former crystal factory. No one ever says yes, since they'd rather stay in a swanky hotel. Thurs shakes this off and doesn't take it to heart. Much.


Carly said...

I'd be thrilled to let Sutton swear at me and judge my fruit-chopping skills.

Wilfair Book said...

Carly? I wish that comment had a "Like" button.

Wilfair Book said...

Oh, and Carly, now that my house guests have departed I shall answer your second beautiful email. Keep watch!

Chiara said...

I'd probably enjoy being Fair's guest, or the Overbove's guest but I'd love to be Sutton's as well. I'd roam the Market buying more than I can carry and I'd be happy to put my non existing fruit chopping skills to the test. Maybe I could spend my evenings at Fair's place and my day with Sutton? That would be kinda awesome because who doesn't want to experience 500 dips?

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