The Laughing Rule

There are a few moments and phrases that reoccur in the books.

A biggie, at least for me? The characters have to laugh together at some point in every book. Having the friends trade zingers is one thing but seeing people lose it together is a thing I personally love, in real life and in fiction.

Call it The Laughing Rule.

Monty, Gomery, and Fair laugh, if not together, then at the same time in "Wilfair" when Fair stands at her bedroom window and sees Gomery looking up at her. She then does something dorky that sends him into a small fit.

The group-laugh in "Redwoodian" comes when Sutton talks about Prior Yates and his devotion to products that bear his name and/or likeness. She's trying to keep quiet because she'll wake people but she ends up crying with giggles into Fair's shoulder.

Fair has not yet heard Gomery's big laugh.


Carly said...

Yes Yes Yes! You know those moments when something funny happens and you and your friends just have a fit over it and then for the rest of the day, any time you so much as LOOK at each other, you start laughing again? Those are the best. It really makes you feel...bonded, for lack of a better word.

I read the Prior Yates/Sutton episode out loud to my mom. We both laughed over it:) And I had already read it once.

Wilfair Book said...

"Bonded" is the word! Exactly, Carly. I'm glad you like these moments, too! They aren't necessarily pushing the plot forward but I think they're essential for the friendships and characters.

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