By request (thanks Erika and Carly!)

Fair Finley: Any sandwich that doesn't spill down the front of her dress works for The Wilfair's manager. Which is an issue, since she spreads pieces of bread with various cheese dips before she adds other fillings. She has not yet tried the Motel Fairwil's mysterious club sandwich but thinks about it a lot, probably more than any woman should think about a particular food. Gomery Overbove has made one a hundred times in her mind, and though she often thinks about his hand holding a knife and spreading something, she can never picture quite what. She always starts focusing on the hand and not the sandwich.

Sutton Von Hunt: Sutton is a healthy eater, mostly, what with being around fruit all day. And since she works at a public market that features the foods of the world, she enjoys variety. She's into a classic vegetarian banh mi, stuffed with carrots and daikon and chili and tofu.

Monty Overbove: Anything but the Motel Fairwil's club sandwich. He's had a thousand. He is partial to the BLT over at the Mmm Mmm Café, which is next door to the motel and hotel.

Gomery Overbove: He likes the Motel Fairwil's club sandwich but he'll often add an ingredient or subtract a condiment, just to try it out. He's perfectly professional when making sandwiches for diner patrons, but if he is making one for himself he puts his knuckle or the tip of his thumb in his mouth a few times without realizing it, should there be a few errant crumbs clinging to his hand.

Prior Yates: The Chip Butty. It is probably best that his trainer doesn't know he is eating a bunch of French fries shoved between two pieces of soft white bread. The movie star wishes he could have one every week, but, you know. Those costumes get snug.

Thurs Mathers: Nut butters and unusual jams. Goat cheese wraps made with cheese from his hotel that mimics an actual goat farm. And his sandwich bread hails from a bakery-themed hotel he recently opened in San Francisco, not far from the Finley family's Oppositery, the double hotel that's found on either side of the Golden Gate Bridge. He wouldn't tell Fair this but he eats at her family's San Francisco hotel as often as he eats at his own places, maybe to spy, maybe just to be there.

Wil and Bo Finley: Whatever they can abscond with from The Wilfair's massive kitchen. Sometimes they get back to the Finley suite and realize they haven't pinched a sandwich but an uncooked trout wrapped in butcher paper. They're not bummed, though; it is the perfect thing to go between the sheets in their big sister's bed.


Erika said...

This made my night. Nutter butters and jam sounds fantastical!

Wilfair Book said...

Yay! Two of my personal favorites.

Carly said...

I'm delighted to see that Monty shares my love of BACON!

Wilfair Book said...

Carly: There's an entire bacon booth at the Orange County Fair. Did we already discuss this? I feel like I've been talking about it to anyone who will listen. Why aren't we there? Bacon wonders await!

Carly said...

I did not know about the BACON booth! I've only been to the Orange County Fair once and was too focused on the rides at the time. I'll definitely have to check it out!

Chiara said...

Now I want to go to the Farmer's Market and have a vegetarian banh mi with Sutton!

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