Missed Belt Loops, Nice Forearms, and No Kisses (Yet)

If you've read "Wilfair" and "Redwoodian" you know they are not kissing books. (Props to adorable Fred Savage in "The Princess Bride.")

And yet? I wanted to write stories flush with warm feelings and heart twists and the kind of shy touches and stomach-squidging moments that happen in real life.

I wanted to create the sort of world I longed for when I was younger. I adored movies and books that took their time on things. Those stories that wandered off down different paths rather than the road directly to the bedroom and still remained romantic? And even hot? Big yes.

I wanted to celebrate the countless tingly brushes and meaningful asides that build heat and deepen a promising friendship.

Fair Finley of "Wilfair" is a late-bloomer and she is a-ok with that. She has solid self-esteem, even with her fluttering and her apologizing. And she's choosy, meaning she is okay with things unfolding at a more leisurely pace, even if it means she stays a little lonely. She lives in a hotel and has seen heartbreak and fast dalliances play out in a lot of ways.

But she is also turning 20, which means when her neighbor Gomery Overbove misses a loop in his pants with his belt, she notices. Her stomach does, too. Flip.

So, nope, there's no sex in "Wilfair," but there are several missed-belt-loop moments. A lot of staring at well-formed forearms, too. And some fireplace-close whispers. The fact is I can't help myself: I want to throw a thousand little stomach-squidgers into the "Wilfair" stories like I'm throwing a heaping handful of confetti into the air.

High fives to you if you prefer sexy matters to move at a clip; I love that we all like what we like in this world. That said, these books may not be your bag of confetti.

If slow gratification is more your thing, then you're at the right spot. Thank you for being here.

Oh, and one last thing? I suppose it should be said that these won't be not-kissing books forever.


Carly said...

I dig slow gratification, as long as I know there will be a kiss at some point;)

wealhtheow said...

Ditto Carly. I'm enjoying the slow burn, but I need to know there's going to be some combustion at the end of this fuse!

Erika said...

I was talking to the husband about these books because he saw a glove picture on my phone and he was looking at me like I was going loony. I was explaining to him that half of the reasons these books are so awesome to me are that they take the slow burn approach. In a lot of books you can't take the minute to shiver over the missed belt loop/glove removal/toast eating/whisper-hugging/forearm exposing/window drawing because the pace of the romance is moving so darn fast!

Don't get me wrong, I am a sucker for romance of anykind so I am not extolling one over the other -- but this particular set of books makes me giddy with anticipation and it's lovely.

Wilfair Book said...

Carly and wealhtheow: Message received. :)

Erika: What a wonderful comment. I've been meditating on it for a few days. Actually, it may go onto my fridge so I can see it and be inspired by it. Thank you.

Chiara said...

I'm with the others, I love that things are taken slow. Too many books do things too quickly I think, couples fall in love too quickly and it doesn't seem real.

I love all the small moments that are shared even though nothing has happened yet, all of that makes the reading so much more exciting!

Not related to the books or any books but kinda related to the topic at hand: I just finished rewatching the whole series of Who's the Boss? I used to love that when I was younger and did again while rewatching and part of what made the love between Tony and Angela so awesome was the fact that they took it so slow which caused all these wonderful small moments between them.

To end this, I'm also that kind of person that leaves her favorite thing for last on her plate of food so yes to slow with something good at the end!

Wilfair Book said...

Chiara: Your "Who's The Boss" comment will go in my pantheon of favorite comments ever. That's exactly it: the small moments. They are the best. I haven't seen the show in forever but I think I can picture Tony and Angela in the kitchen sharing a look now!

Plus you know I'm a sucker for ladies in charge. :)

I can do the same thing with my food, too. Or I'll save the best thing I get to do in a day for the very end and get the harder stuff out of the way early.

Chiara said...

Exactly :) So many times things are taken too fast and the road towards something can be as beautiful as the destination.

Ladies in charge are the best!

That's a good idea about handling things that need to get done. In that department I rather do the fun stuff first and then end up scrambling to get things that need to get done done. I'm a procrastinator like that.

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