The Missed Belt Loop

So I was talking with the oh-so-friendly Jamila in this comment section about a certain exchange in "Wilfair" and it made me think of a similar exchange in "Redwoodian." Then I remembered the "Redwoodian" exchange happens during a scene where Fair notices that Gomery has missed a belt loop (she looks when he kneels to adjust a tray on the room service cart). And then I thought, dang gum it, I'm going to find a photo of that, somewhere. A belt that has missed its loop.

But every belt pictured online seems to be perfectly threaded through loops. Well done, detail-oriented stylists, well done.

I did come across these rather fetching toffee corduroys at Zara, and before I knew it, I was back at this blog, posting this picture.

Carry on.


wealhtheow said...

Jamila is oh-so-friendly, isn't she? Even more so in real life!

That picture is now going to inspire all sorts of Gomery-swoon over in my corner. GOMERY!

Jamila said...

Swoon. Overbovean corduroys!

Uh, I found this one, but yeah. Not how I see Gomery. (

Or there's this. You choose. (

Now I'm off to reread the scene in Prior's suite...

Wilfair Book said...

wealhtheow: Jamila IS friendly! You are lucky to hang in the non-internet world. And I like that you just wrote Gomery's name in all caps with an exclamation point. He'd probably go a bit red around the ears if he knew.

Jamila: You are a search goddess. Those pics were spot-on, in the missed belt loop department. I think I wrongly searched for "missed belt loop corduroy," and Google was like, "the corduroy part is throwing me off."

Of all the sartorial touches in the books, I'm a bit too interested in Gomery's corduroy pants. I said it. Honest, corduroy is maybe my favorite fabric. And brown corduroy? Fanning face.

You are always welcome to post pics at the Facebook page, too; the lovely Erika, another blog pal, just posted a funny thing earlier this week.

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