The Next Poster?

Dear lovely people,
Thanks for the good word on the Wilfair poster! I am so happy. Like, the motel is teal and Fair is in orange and everything is beautifully stylized and I'm wild about it.

The mega-talented Claudia came up with so many great ideas for the poster and this was the one we settled upon. I'm sure she'll do the same for "Redwoodian," which she'll work on a bit down the road, so I've begun to mull as well.

Is there a moment that symbolizes the second book for you? Without revealing too much? My first thought was the, um, drawing-a-picture moment in the Boughery Bar but I'd rather that play out for the reader. I'd also love to see some of the other peeps. Sutton, her apron, and hair pencils.

No pressure to weigh in but if something comes to mind, let me know! I'm also kind of keen to see the fireplace. Are you feeling the fireplace? I think I might be.


wealhtheow said...

Fireplace, definitely. I like the scene with Fair and Gomery embracing, Prior Yates watching, and Sutton and Monty asleep by the fire.

Erika said...

The mountain of glass... Definitely :)

Wilfair Book said...

wealhtheow: Great food for thought. I agree that the fireplace should make a cameo, somehow. And I enjoy hearing what you liked in the book; that is helpful. Also? Thanks for the FB join. Now that I know your name -- and it is a very pretty name, too -- would you want to share your photo at Wilshire and Fairfax? I'd make a post for it. If that's weird, no worries! I'm just still tickled.

Erika: So I've been sitting here smiling trying to picture the mountain of glass. I'm thinking of the small pile of cups and a glass full of cherries and the mountain of shredded cheese and a dark window that may or may not tell the future of Fair and Gomery. I fear I'm so deep into this next book the mountain of glass isn't coming readily to my mind. Tell me what part of the story you're thinking of and we'll ferret it out together. And thank you! I love your suggestions, as always. I'm sure once you tell me I'll be like, "ohhhh, of course!" :)

wealhtheow said...

Shredded cheese mountain--definitely a defining moment for Fair.

I will definitely send in my WilFair pic--as soon as I get it off my camera. And I'm not allowed to play with my photos until I finish an editing job. But soon. Soooooon. (In fact, I shouldn't even be HERE, I should be knee-deep in the joys of APA style).

And aww, now I'm blushing that you think my name is pretty.

Wilfair Book said...

Your name is so pretty -- lots of "m" action going on. It is such the melodic letter. I also like repeating sounds in names, too.

I'm happy you will send your pic for posting! And I'm only glad this is the internet because if it was real life I might decorate it in glitter and puffy unicorns. I told you: enthusiasm issues.

On the one hand I am so happy you are here -- I can't tell you how much I appreciate the helpful comments and chitchat -- but I know what you mean. Every time I'm here, and I do love being here, I'm like, "I think I probably should go write that green-covered book pictured at right."

Oh, time. Be more hours.

Erika said...

Mountain was perhaps too grandiose of a word. The stack of cups that Gomery and Fair discover, have delivered, in my mind they were stacked. Haha, orderly and neat but maybe they weren't :) like a mountain or a pyramid.

Wilfair Book said...

Erika! Love it. Thanks for clarifying. When I read your comment last night through sleepy eyes I thought that was probably it. I can totally see that as a poster, too! Have a great day and thanks, as always, for your terrific feedback.

Jamila6452 said...

Hi, I'm wealhtheow's real-life friend and the one she texted the picture of the intersection to! I love love love Wilfair and Redwoodian, in, like, an addicted can't-get-enough way. :)

For the second poster, I would say maybe Fair talking to Buildingy or having one of her gloves helpfully removed. The fireplace is definitely high on the list too.

Wilfair Book said...

Jamila6452: Nice to meet you! What a pleasure it is to have you and wealhtheow here. That is so fantastic that you were on the receiving end of the photo. I know the corner so well and I can't wait to see it.

And your kind compliment? Seriously, I cannot tell you what that means. Getting feedback, both wonderful and "hey! Why would Fair say that?" is everything to me. So appreciated. Thank you.

Oh goodness. The gloves. Now I have to see that moment illustrated. I'm glad you liked the gloves because I want to create heat in a sweet way in the stories; the gloves were/are one avenue. It delights me when anyone mentions them.

And Buildingy, too. I do adore these suggestions, Jamila6452.

Truth? I'll probably look at your kind comment a few more times tonight; it will fill me with writing sparkles and energy. Oh, and if there's ever anything you want answered in a post please let me know; I'm open. Cheers!

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