What do the characters of "Wilfair" do on an average weekend?

Fair Finley: Work. There are always Saturday weddings at The Wilfair Hotel. Later on, though? Sutton Von Hunt, her best buddy, might come spend Saturday night with her. When they were younger they'd move around to different rooms and the different themed floors of the hotel, but now they stick to Fair's third floor room, since the heiress has to keep an eye on her little brothers.

Sutton Von Hunt: Work. Her grandma owns a fruitcher shop at a busy public market and weekends are hectic. She'll go over to spend the night with Fair, but she has dates, too.

Monty and Gomery Overbove: Work. And do homework; they're still in college. They'll swim, too, when there are no motel guests using the pool. Monty works on his films; Gomery teaches himself banjo and thinks about acute angles.

Prior Yates: Jet-skiing in the Maldives. The movie star will secretly wonder if the people on his yacht are there for him or because they wanted a jet-skiing trip. It's Conflicting Feeling Town for him.

Thurs Mathers: Unknown. The media puts him at several places around the world at any one time. Fair knows he's very wealthy but can't believe his jet is that fast. He's probably buying more hotels or selling them. Or something else.

Wil and Bo Finley: They can often be found combining 14 different Wilfair dips into one giant goopy mess of a mega dip. They will then attempt to consume the entire disgusting vat before their sister returns upstairs from the wedding she's been overseeing.

Lady in Sequins: Lurking, moaning, passing through walls. Or protecting the hotel? Motives unclear.


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