Whimsy? I'm a fan.

Too much though makes me feel as if I've eaten cotton candy but can't find a toothbrush. In the end, the whimsical must work in tandem with the emotional to succeed, at least for me.

Speaking of whimsy, here's a chipmunk in a dress. (Or is it a squirrel? Discuss.) It's from a mural in Eureka, California, and posted for the nice NorCaler visiting the blog.


Erika said...

Um... Perhaps it's a squirmunk

Carly said...

With a dash of rabbit, lol.

wealhtheow said...

LOVE. I know that mural. But the truly awesome ones are the Flatmo murals.

Wilfair Book said...

Erika: Totally squirmunk.

Carly: The teeth! Yes! Bunny rabbit.

wealhtheow: I just spent five minutes Googling the Flatmo murals. And lo and behold, I discovered he designed the labels for Lost Coast Brewery! How cool. I tried my first Lost Coast in the Hotel Ivanhoe in Ferndale a few years back. So tasty. I also remember the Ivanhoe's saloon billing itself as "the furthest west bar in the continental U.S." Love stuff like that.

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