Who Might Try Out These Books

If you go for a bit of quirky and a dash of magic realism with a heaping serving of easy-breezy friendship-romance, these might be your cup of tea. (I always feel squidgy describing the books; if you've read them and have a better summary, I definitely welcome your take!)

The "Wilfair" books are not really YA but NA, rather -- new adult.

There are three 20 year olds at the center of the story, and an 18 year old, and two 10 year olds, and a couple of 45 year olds, and a 24 year old, a 23 year old, and, soon, a couple of people in their 60s and younger teens.

The Lady in Sequins, if she's real, is probably about 90. Or 200? She's very elusive, that maybe-fake hotel ghost.

Some of the themes -- coughsexyhuggingcough -- are appropriate to 20 year olds, but keeping semi-classy is one of my main goals. I may classy-down later, if it suits the story, but so far innuendo, flirting, light suggestion, and appropriate physical contact are keeping things at about where I want them.

"Appropriate physical contact" sounds cold. It isn't cold touching, in the books, I hope. Opposite.

A teacher told me she shared the books with her 8th grade girls. And two readers have shared the books with their moms. I'd like that to remain something people can do -- share the books and not be too blushy-in-the-face over certain bits.

Maybe a little blushy.


Carly said...

I admire the fact that you want to remain semi-classy in the books, though I heartily agree with that last sentence. A little blushy is definitely good - I'll take a side of blushy with my stomach squidgies, please!

bess said...

This comment needs a "like" button, Carly!

Wilfair Book said...

Like like like like like.

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