Wilfair Callback Poster

You're probably like, "yay, Alysia is posting another small and blurry photo of a poster!" I jest, of course. But since I posted about the Wilfair Character Poster a couple of weeks ago I thought I'd talk briefly about the Wilfair Callback Poster.

We all know what a callback is in a movie or a book (I prefer the word "repeater," really, but callback seems catchier). Basically any time characters return to a joke or a topic they'd been talking about or one of the themes of the story, it's a callback.

I knew I wanted the Wilfair stories to have lots of callbacks, because that's how I really live; when I'm with my friends over a weekend, we'll return to the same jokes, changing them or adding on. Or we'll tease each other about the same things we've been teasing each other about for years (nicely, natch). Do you do this?

And nope, this poster isn't quite as fun as the Character Poster -- no monster stickers -- but it does have pretty much every reference that the Wilfair characters make more than once. Plus a few to come in the next book, "Stay Awhile." Those are the tiny asterisks.

Of course, while callbacks may dot a story the challenge is to move it forward, move the characters forward, move everything forward, while the people in it return, on occasion, to the same topics they'd been talking about. I do love the challenge. :)

One thing I can't resist returning to a few times a book is how Fair and Gomery sometimes have a brief exchange of silent information via how they look at each other. "My look said 'are we going out there?' His look said 'we probably should.' My look said 'I wasn't, like, prepared for this.' His look said 'me either.'"


bess said...

Of course I had to squint and the board and try to cheat and read the ones with asterisks. All I came up with were two that looked like they read "mutt yoga" and "dysentery" . . . I'm fairly certain those are wrong.

Still, I love seeing these buts of your process!

bess said...

bits! not "buts" geez.

Wilfair Book said...

"Buts" made me laugh. And, truth be told, there have been some "buts" along the way in the writing of these books. And a few butts, too, let's be honest; we are talking about books that are centered around a swimming pool. (The Sutton in me said that, not the Fair, of course.)

Mutt yoga! Ha ha. Dysentery doesn't quite bring the same chuckles, but, you know, I could work it in somehow.

I also owe you an email for your lovely email. How I like my Wilfair friends!

Wilfair Book said...

Hee hee, okay, I just squinted at the photo and I think what you took for "mutt yoga" is "motel sign." That's not too much of a reveal, but the sign will be mentioned a few times for various reasons in the next book.

bess said...

I'm glad to know that dysentery is not in the plans. This isn't Oregon Trail.

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