Jamila, here's a bonus photo for your Spotlight. It's the photo I nearly went with (but my El Capitan obsession won out).

You mentioned liking the 1000% reference from "Redwoodian"; here's the window that jump-started that particular idea for me. It is at the Ahwahnee, a hotel not too far from El Capitan.

I think Fair and Gomery might be off to the left, just out of the camera's viewfinder.


Jamila said...

Adore. Not only do I love the 100%/1000% (after all, it is the sexiest message ever delivered via percentage sign and breath fog in the history of sexy messages, percentage signs, and breath fog) - but I also LOVE the windows in Redwoodian. I love the way they tell stories, and that the 10th window could be telling their story, but it's all shadowy... Love. Adore. 1000%

Wilfair Book said...

Open brain folder, label it "Lovely Comments and Helpful Feedback," file this comment, smile.

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