The photo below is from our own Bess.

The fun thing? It arrived the same week as the snapshot of wealhtheow at Wilshire & Fairfax, which filled my head with glitter. Two nice people sending photos in the same week! And, by the way, I adore photos of all sorts. You are always welcome to post anything on the Facebook page, like Erika recently did, or send me stuff that should be posted here. It can be whatever; I'd advise you not to overthink it, which is what I advise Fair Finley daily, but she can't or won't listen.

So. This photo. Three things I like about it. One? This was not snapped in LA -- I'll let Bess give details in the comments, if she wants -- but this is definitely the kind of street art you see in The Wilfair's city neighborhood.

Two? The heart. I know, I should have gotten over my attachment to heart symbolism when I was 12, but I didn't. It works.

Three? Adventure. My favorite film/book/life genre is funny romantic adventure. I can enjoy romances where the only thing at stake is whether these two people will fall in love, but I always prefer when the twosome is being buffeted and tossed by external forces and must work together. (Gently buffeted and tossed; if it isn't gentle it usually isn't funny.)

Heart! Art! Adventure! Exclamation points!

Thanks, Bess. I'm making this photo my personal theme this week.


bess said...

Awesome, thanks for posting this! I share your love of heart shapes, both the traditional style and anatomical . (I heart hearts?) I also really enjoy Valentine's Day for the making and giving of valentines and abundance of chocolate.

Chiara said...

Love, thanks for taking the snapshot and posting! I love seeing random tidbits like this around :)

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