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I'm a Painter, yes, but not a painter.

You know that question at parties that goes "what's one talent you'd wish for?" I'd love to draw and paint. Because, truly, I can barely squelch out a stick figure. I can glue things to other things but that's about the extent of my visual arts abilities.

If I had talent in the drawing arena "Wilfair" might have been a graphic novel. Or I would have illustrated a lot of it. Yes, meeting the Overboves would have been illustration numero uno. But there's so much I'd like to show from the books. The Moonbeam Threshold and Fair's chair and a certain window in a certain mountain bar. The Innigma and the Yuletidery and Lodge Under Ocean.

So I've asked a few artists I admire to take on a few of the elements for me; Fair and her mint dish below and the poster of the pool on the right rail are the first two. I'm thrilled.

I've revealed there'll be a "Redwoodian" poster by Claudia Varosio down the road, and a "Stay Awhile" one, too, I hope, and I already know exactly what I want depicted on that one. It's a brow-dampener, literally.

What's the one talent you'd wish for?


Chiara said...

I definitely understand the wanting to be able to draw thing, I can't draw either. However, I think another thing I would really like to be able to is, play the piano. Oh, and be really good at maths. I don't know why really, hahaha, and I would most likely take being able to play the piano over maths any day.

Wilfair Book said...

Yes! Piano. My dream is to learn all of "Bohemian Rhapsody" one day. I have "Chopsticks" down and a few holiday carols, though. :)

Chiara, you wrote something great about Farmers Market on a comment thread way back. I still want to answer it. I've been enjoying your comments so if I miss one that needs addressing please give me a shout!

Erika said...

I'm with Chiara. I am an okay doodler but I have always wanted to play an instrument well! Specifically the piano or a violin. It would just be so cool because I can't play anything really!

bess said...

Put me down as another non-painter/drawer, there's a reason I'm a photographer ;) . IfI could have any skill, it would be dancing or singing, sometimes I just wish I could express myself physically in that way, I'll bet it feels amazing.

Wilfair Book said...

You are a beautiful photographer, Bess! I'm a fan. I like the mysterious stories you tell in a single frame.

wealhtheow said...

I wish I could sew. It seems like it must be so handy, for hemming and stuffed animal repair and making dresses out of drapes. But I have terrible eyesight and no patience, which means no sewing.

Wilfair Book said...

wealhtheow: I took a sewing class once. All the students made trendy, sparkly little outfits and I made a dress that was *highly* "Little House on the Prairie"-esque. I loved it so much. I wore it a lot. Empire waist. Dang. I'm going to go find it.

Chiara said...

Oh!!! I just now connected Bess from the comments with Bess from the photography Alysia posted a while ago about. I love your photographs Bess! They're so interesting and creative.

I indeed remember commenting about the Farmer's Market but I don't exactly remember... I think it was in a post that mentioned Sutton and that I want to go shopping there?

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