Ding Ding Ding!

I asked a question at the bottom of the post following this one, and wealhtheow figured it out, so here is her special rainbow scratch-and-sniff sparkles post putting her name in proverbial lights, as promised!

But I don't have any actual sparkles handy at the moment, so I'm going to post the second small mystery of the day. Who knows what these are? They are not unrelated to the books.

This photo does not depict their natural state. It's a bit tricky. I'm ready with hints.

Hint #1: Words used to describe it in various definitions include "knotty," "bulbous," and "protrusion," which, let's be honest, are three great words.

Hint #2: They grow on living things and are frequently carved and polished to make art. "Carved" would be key here. (PS I'm enjoying the creative guesses.)

Answer: First off, the guesses? Amazing. We had animal feces, Tribbles wearing breath strips, something oceanic, and myrandaroyann's music-flavored take. So this is what they are: redwood burls, which, according to eHow, contain "the entire genetic code of the parent tree." There's something poetic about that, that something small and warty and found growing on the side of a redwood, almost parasitically, can have something tall and epic and majestic inside of it. And, with some oomph and care, might grow.

Is Fair Finley still a bit of a burl? I still feel like one, now and then, but perhaps we all do.

Burls are also used as art material in redwood country. These pictured above may well be sculptures now.

And thank you, wealhtheow, for paying due to the great Mr. Burl Ives in your hint.


wealhtheow said...


(My heavy commenting on this site today is a DIRECT result of procrastinating on cleaning my kitchen and folding sheets. TEH INTERNETS NEED ME, how can I do housework?)

Wilfair Book said...

Not fewmets.

No apologizing on the heavy commenting. I welcome it and teh internets do need you.

PS The Overboves have folded a million motel sheets, something I can't do with any skill, so I make the cute book guys do it. Actually, my husband, a very cute guy, is pretty good at it, too.

Chiara said...

I have no idea what those things could be but it kinda looks like they're something near the ocean? Or well any kind of water maybe?

bess said...

Meaty Tribbles with breath strips placed on tip of them? Probably not right but that's what they look like to me.

Chiara said...

Your second hint makes me want to say sea shells but I'm sure that's wrong, haha!

bess said...

Some type of coral?

wealhtheow said...

OK I know. But I'm going to leave this open for others. But they share a name with a well-known folk singer.

myrandaroyann said...

Based on welhtheow's hint, all I can think of is Bob Dylan Barnacles! :D

wealhtheow said...

If you head over to the Facebook page I will post a picture of a redwood burl carved into a statue of our beloved family dog, a Bouvier named Annie.

Wilfair Book said...

wealhtheow: Thanks again for posting the adorable pic on the FB page. I've revisited a few times!

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