Grocery Store

True, and extremely recent, story.

So, only hours ago, I changed purses in anticipation of heading to the grocery store. I deemed my usual bag "the sweaty maker" since it sits on my back. And we're having a heat wave, as my not-too-far-off California gals Erika and Carly will attest.

Okay, moving on. As I changed bags I glanced at my phone and saw I had 17 comments on the blog. Oh sweet corn! In just a matter of a few hours. I was so thrilled and distracted by this I completely left ALL methods of payment in my first bag. Meaning? Yeah. The nice checkout person had scanned all my items before I realized my error. I rushed home, after apologizing two dozen times, grabbed the sweaty maker, rushed back, paid, and slunk out.

And scene. Five things to say here:

1. The comment chats make me happy. I love people talking to each other. If I could introduce people for a living, I would. Seriously, if you get shy at parties, please invite me. I will introduce you to everyone and everyone to everyone else. Yes, I will absolutely consume all the cheese cubes like they're the last cheese cubes in the solar system, and possibly peek inside the toiletry cupboard in the bathroom, but strangers will meet other strangers. I can't begin to enumerate the areas of my life that need sprucing, but matching people? Joy.

2. I absolutely did not need the peanut butter cup ice cream today of all days. MELTY.

3. wealhtheow's charms clearly worked sparkly Spotlight magic. And the fun continues: Jamila is up later this week. Anyone eager to be next week's Spotlight? Email me! If you don't like the questions I will send you different questions. And I shall pick out a special Spotlight photo for you, too. If you don't want a photo, I will write a haiku based on comments you've left on the blog.

4. I need to be finishing "Stay Awhile" but writing a haiku for you is as important. I mean it.

5. Where was I going with this? OH. Grocery store. Okay, so, there was a request for more character things. So here are the Wilfair people's last-minute splurges as they rush out of the market.

Fair Finley: Fair doesn't need to go to the grocery story often -- the hotel purchases all the food she needs -- but when she does, she splurges on cookie-scented shampoo and soap. Though she's grateful to find them restocked in her bathroom, she does get a little tired of The Wilfair toiletries. Her shampoo choice is probably generic, because Fair isn't too up on brands.

Sutton Von Hunt: Sutton needs pencils for school and to keep her hair up and out of her eyes. Her splurge is a rainbow box of pencils with built-in sharpener. She likes her pencils SHARP.

Monty Overbove: Movie magazines. Insider industry stuff, no gossip or tabloids. He studies up on names and current projects. He keeps an eye out for a particular name. The name is not Prior Yates.

Gomery Overbove: A quality green tea, maybe with a second flavor. Mint? Earl Grey? Guests arriving at the Motel Fairwil after-hours regularly ring the night bell and wake him, so he requires a bit of caffeine, but he never wants too much, lest it disrupts the sleep he is able to get. He's pretty happy with the bulk green tea served in the motel diner, though. His splurge is time, not stuff.

Prior Yates: The Cadbury Flake.

Wil and Bo Finley: Gum. It's not sold in The Wilfair's gift shop, since it sticks to the tile and is nearly impossible to remove. Fair's little brothers take pride in their secret gum deposits around the historic hotel.

Thurs Mathers: Thurs thinks he might own a few grocery stores, but he'd have to check his portfolio to confirm. He hasn't been inside a market in years, but he sometimes thinks it might be interesting to shop for dinner makings with someone, something the hotel mogul has never needed to do ever. Do people just stand in front of the freezer section, or the produce aisle, discussing if they want to make pasta that night? Is that fun? Is that romantic? Does one person find the tomatoes while the other picks out the penne? Do the two people meet back at the checkstand and quietly make up stories about why the person in front of them is buying cereal and suntan lotion? Is there teasing over the tomatoes selected? Is there some light swordplay with the plastic dividers that separate the groceries on the conveyor belt? He wonders.


myrandaroyann said...

I definitely need you at social events, Alyssa! I generally need someone else to make the first move in social situations because I get so anxious and shy. Also, that peanut butter cup ice cream sounds delicious!

wealhtheow said...

I think I'm falling in love with Thurs a little bit over here.

Erika said...

Seconded on Thurs!! Also I would never have thought about the shampoo for Fair but it makes so much sense and I really love that about her :) now I want to go find shampoo for a fictional character... :)

bess said...

I'm with myrandaroyann, I need a professional party introducer too! I'm the type to skulk in the corner near the snacks if I don't see anyone I know.

I think grocery shopping is my favorite chore. Even after so many years of doing it for myself, it still makes me feel grown up. I just love knowing that I can buy whatever I want - even the sugary cereals ;). Prior is right on, the Cadbury Flake is delish, right up there with Maltesers.

These extra info posts are such fun.

Chiara said...

I'm with myrandaroyann and bess as well, I could use a professional introducer!

Cookie scented shampoo! Awesome, and so Fair Finley! Remind me of the awesome Lush conditioner American Cream that smells like vanilla and strawberries, seriously you wish you could eat it when you smell it.

Loved these little tidbits about them! It will make reading even more fun :)

Jamila said...

Wow, Thurs is kinda deeper than I thought. Hmmm.

Carly said...

First of all, you always need the peanut butter cup ice cream, lol. ALWAYS.

How have i never heard of a cadbury flake? I love cadbury cream eggs. I wait all year for them. I must try this flake.

These types of posts are my favorite. Mainly because I want to know everything about Monty that you can think up to share.

I kind of feel sorry for Thurs Mathers - he may have 1 trillion hotels, but the boy needs to have some FUN!

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