I Love You, contd.

There's an interesting discussion going on between Chiara and Bess about what is the appropriate declaration before you feel comfortable with "I love you." (Thanks, ladies! I'm learning a lot from you.)

It's something I've wondered about. And writing this exchange, for the upcoming book, made me think about it again:

         Monty put his mouth to the phone and made his voice comically sobby. “I know you heard that. I love you, cousin.” Beneath the fake sobs there was a lot of love. I guessed the man on the phone heard that, too. Monty squared his shoulders. “Fair loves you, too.”
         I shook my head, panicky. "What? No. No!"
         “I mean, Fair, uh... weird aching thing she can’t quite express. Expresses. You.” He held the phone to his shoulder. “Better?”
         “Terrific,” I muttered.


Erika said...

Monty <3

Carly said...

All I know is I'm ready to tell Monty I love him, in any language and however inappropriate it may be, lol.

Wilfair Book said...

I get a lot of great support 'round these parts, but I think the Monty love tickles me the most. :)

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