Meet Erika!

I'm loving all the Spotlights, so if you haven't jumped in yet, and want to, drop me a line. I'm easygoing, I swear, if a tad chatty.

Today we feature Erika! I believe you came to the blog via Facebook, Erika? Anywho, I'm so glad we've met! You are delightful and offer fun and valuable insights. Truly. Are you coming up to LA to walk the Wilfair neighborhood with me someday? Hoping.

And now...

Do you regularly give advice? If so, what? I very regularly give the advice "I would not put that in my mouth if I were you" to a two year old whom I chill with 5 days a week. Otherwise I advise being yourself and doing what makes you genuinely happy.

Agree agree agree.

What's your favorite smell? Oh Lordy. I love the smell of apples. To me they have a really fresh and clean smell and when mixed with cinnamon it morphs into a super comforting smell.

Erika! Have you been to Julian, living where you do? It's almost apple time! (Non-California friends, Julian is a little Old West town known for apple pie. If you've read "Redwoodian," a hotel called Sour Suites is mentioned by Fair's father. It's near Julian, in my mind.)

What's the secret to shaking off a difficult experience or exchange? I have no idea. I am an over-thinker. I am still working on learning to let go. I usually end up looking for a distraction and drinking lots of iced coffee.

Overthinking! High fives! Actually, that's been a big goal of my adult life, to act when I have the facts and not stew over things a minute longer.

What was harder the first time you held someone's hand: Taking the hand or letting it go? (Both acts are wonderfully awkward.) I want to say that getting up the nerve to hold hands was wonderfully difficult and full of deep breaths and inner-pep talks but it was also a wonderful rush, whereas the letting go was harder. Once you make that connection you want to keep it (at least I did) sweaty palms and all. 

So true. The first hand I almost (but never held) is like a three-hour story. It has to end up in the books somehow. It's kind of cringe-worthy but the person and I became friends later and, oh, how we laughed. Laughed through the cringing.

Breakfast or dinner? Details, please: breakfast, I love going out to eat it and I appreciate when people get creative with it! There is a place in San Diego called Snooze that I am longing to try. It's always an hour wait but they serve a flight of pancakes and feature different types of pancakes every week ( it may be monthly). Yum! Also, breakfast burritos!

See below!

Do you take praise well? Not if taking praise well involves not feeling terribly awkward and not blushing. I get a little squirmy when praised.


What's the number one quality of a solid friendship? Honesty... And a deep and dark knowledge of all things Harry Potter.  It actually doesn't have to be that dark or deep but if I refer to you-know-who and the boy-who-lived I'd like a glimmer of recognition.

Solid answer.

Wilfair question: If Monty asked you to zipline from the tilted part of The Wilfair's roof down to the Motel Fairwil, would you? You'll be over the pool for part of the journey, in case you need to unlock and splash down. Heck yes! I am a little bit of a thrill seeker so I would likely high-five Monty and insist on getting my zip line on. 

I support the need for adventure.

So Erika's special Spotlight photo absolutely had to be a breakfast burrito, because she and I have discussed this perfect breakfast food more than once. However, I didn't have any breakfast burrito pictures handy, so I made one for my lunch the other day just so I could snap some photos. (Does that mess with time itself? When you eat a breakfast burrito for lunch?)

Here then is my take on the classic breakfast burrito, which can be made many ways but Erika and I both like it with very hot salsa. I also added potatoes, which I almost never do at home, because I'm usually improvising and rushed and I never have any on hand.

Two adds: The mozzarella cheese? That's from the grocery store that Fair references in "Redwoodian" when she says that people don't fall in love in montages but next to the frozen peas on Aisle Eleven. That's the only "Wilfair" tie-in I've got.

And there's my GIANT evil queen mug, which I love. It's practically like carrying a pot of coffee around in my hand. I'm about one step away from actually doing that, so thank goodness I found this mug.

I like my cheese a bit crispy. You?

My folding technique needs practice, but I'm usually so eager to get to the burrito I can't wait.



Chris said...

Hi Erika, this is Alysia's husband Chris, and I love breakfast burritos too! I agree on all heat-level-related topics.

Erika said...

Hi Chris! Breakfast burritos rule! My husband also wanted me to assure Alysia that breakfast burritos are ok at any time of day. He's apparently absolutely sure of this :)

Wilfair Book said...

I just had another one this morning because Chris roasted some green chile, which is the smell of fall to me. Before I knew it, I'd folded a chile inside a breakfast burrito. I'm just powerless before its eggy goodness. The only other food that holds such sway over me is dip. Well, dip and cheese. Let's be honest.

bess said...

I've never had a breakfast burrito (breakfast tacos in Texas, yes) and suddenly I feel deprived. I'll have to seek out an East coast version.

It's great to hear more about you, Erika! And I am so with you on the inability to shrug off some experiences, ugh. I'm a stewer, I stew on things. I love your description if the different scents of apples and I think that not putting strange things in your mouth is good advice at any age.

Wilfair Book said...

Breakfast taco? I want. I've had breakfast pasta, which was, um. Unusual? For 8 a.m. And I love pasta.

I didn't mention in the spotlight, Erika, how much I love apple smell, too. All year long. It's comforting and homey. In fact, one scent I sometimes wear is "Mulled Cider" from Demeter Fragrances. I like smelling like a delicious hot beverage, as long as no one attempts to drink me.

Erika said...

Bess, making a breakfast burrito is pretty easy too :)I hope you do a spotlight, this was fun!

BTW Alysia, I can't find the conversation about salsas we had, what salsa did you use in the pictures?

I haven't been to Julian yet but I am itching to go! It seems like a fantastic place :)

I also wear apple perfume sometimes. I have the DKNY green apple rollerball. Yums!

Wilfair Book said...

Erika: Okay, I have to look up that green apple rollerball. Plus? I love the word "rollerball."

The salsa I used in the photos is La Salsa Chilena, which is FIERY. I also like El Pinto.

JULIAN! It's magical. And very busy in the fall.

I'm glad you enjoyed doing the Spotlight. They are my favorite things on the blog!

Chiara said...

Nice to read more about you Erika!

Completely agree with your advice, well the second one rather than the first one because I'm not a two year old anymore.

I'm allergic to fresh apples so I'm not so fond of the real thing but I do love "artificial" apple smell! My hair styling product smells like green apples, unfortunately the smell doesn't last though, boo!

I think distractions and lots of iced coffee is the way to go to let go so best to keep doing just that ;) I know the problem though and I'm with you, Alysia and Bess, I tend to overthink things as well.

That breakfast place sounds amazing! I love creative breakfast foods!

About the breakfast burrito talk, never had one. They're not something people eat here I guess. I can eat anything for breakfast though and am known to eat dinner left overs for breakfast. Oh, and yay for hot salsa! Anything hot is good!

Erika said...

Chiara, I am very sad for your allergy but very happy that you can still enjoy the scent of apples! I love green apple shampoo!! It's lovely to meet you :)

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